Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Three Covers from Everfrost

The three of us have been working hard on the upcoming Everfrost album and we have some big updates coming. But first here are three covers from each of us that we have been sharing around.

First one is 'This Not Over Yet' by our vocalist, Hew!

More of his unique and dramatic vocal style to come on Blue Eyed Emotion.

Next is Deep Purple's 'Soldier of Fortune' by our lead guitarist, Markus!

You'll get to hear his awesome lead playing soon with the album release.

And third is a guitar/keyboards cover of Finntroll's 'Mordminnen' by myself!

Hope you enjoy these and we have been working on some more covers as a band to release before the album is ready!
To give you an idea on the album process, as of today I have finished tracking my guitar parts, Markus also has one solo to do and then all of the guitars for the whole thing are ready. Things are really starting to take shape!

Here is a bonus photo of us, we all thank you for reading, listening, supporting and can't wait to show you our new music!

-Benjamin Snowkid (left), Markus Laito (center), Hew Wagner (right)

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