Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Youtube and Side Projects

When I have free time I make cover videos on Youtube of anime songs, metal songs and music from games. I haven't had much time lately to make a new one but I do have something cool in mind.
The last cover I did was of the Angry Video Game Nerd theme in an industrial metal style. I guess this falls into the games category?..

The track itself is available to download on Soundcloud:

It would be cool to hear this in a Nerd episode but there are so many other great covers of this song. ^__^

A while ago I started working with Robert Russell from Awaken Solace. He has been doing his own side composing work for many years and has an impressive Youtube channel of his work ranging from fantasy orchestral music, to baroque/celtic music to symphonic metal. Check it out here. 
I drummed on a war song called Ten Thousand Ghosts which he posted back in April this year. Hew Wagner also did the vocals for this and did a fantastic job! The song has an interesting orchestral style and is quite operatic and theatrical. Hope you like it. : )

More stuff on the album next time!

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