Monday, 29 June 2015

Everfrost - New Guitarist and New Name

So much has happened since the last time I updated!

The album (Blue Eyed Emotion) is coming together well and things are now looking more on the 'home stretch' side. There is still a lot of work to be done but it isn't as daunting as it was in the beginning. My ability with mixing has also improved since the first single release so thankfully the full thing will have a greater sound. I have also nearly completed all of my guitar parts!

Even though the album features many guest artists and musicians, the official band members up until now have been myself making the music and Hew Wagner performing vocals. However now it's time to introduce a new member:

Meet Markus Laito, our official lead guitarist!

                                     Photos by Matias Pekkonen

Markus has now been recording guitar solos and lead parts for the songs on the album and he has brought a new level to the music. He's a skilled, versatile guitarist, solid vocalist and overall great musician. It's been awesome working with him and we both want to continue working together when the band gets going after the album release. Markus is from southern Finland and even though I live in Lapland, Finland we're still searching for members in both areas.
You will get to hear Markus' playing when the album is ready but for now you can check out this cover he made of Hallelujah!

So from one big announcement we go to another.
Hew and I have been talking about the identity of this band and we decided to come up with a new name for us. Snowkid works well as an alias for myself but it doesn't work well enough to represent the three of us as a band. 
It took a long time but we have now settled on the name Everfrost!
When I made the new logo we wanted it to be reminiscent of the Snowkid logo but have more 'weight' and 'sharpness' to it. The name is something we feel describes the music and themes along with the image we have in mind. Over time I will introduce the official name to our online places and announce it properly through Youtube. I will still use Snowkid for my own personal work and as an identity in the band, but Everfrost is now our official name. Hope you like it!

Next time I have some announcements about more guest appearances and other cool stuff! I can't say too much at the moment but we are also involved in a very special project that is something I've never seen a metal band do before.

Best wishes to you all and thanks for reading!

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